Once again I have done exactly what I didn’t want to do and I have wasted a good deal of time on Facebook and stupid little computer games instead of living a better life.  I have done a good deal of reading though. Being in Balance by Dr. Wayne Dyer; Zero Waste Home by Bea Johnson; and Garbology by Edward Humes.  The  books have been giving me a lot of food for thought and what I do in a day. I was raised by my grandmother and she was definitely old fashioned in many ways. We saved a lot, grew a garden and canned everything we could! When I was asked to clean something I used a rag, an old shirt cut up, and a bucket of water. I don’t remember using paper towels for things. Sadly I realized that somethings they did, not everything, but quite a few things they did were much better for us, our environment and our wallets.  I would like to write more about Minimalism and Zero Waste, I feel sad that I live in an area that does not support and more Eco Friendly lifestyle, but will discuss what I have been able to do.  Last month I was able to attend an amazing beekeeping workshop and have been adapting and changing even the ways I keep bees to be more natural and healthy. Will keep you posted. 

Original Post

This is officially my first post on my new blog! If you have stumbled upon this blog looking for a fantastic author, inspiration, or awesome ways to make money you will be disappointed. I started this blog for myself and myself only. Since I was a small child I loved books and have dreamed of being a writer and homemaker. I have started many blogs that have gone nowhere, but I spent so much time looking at other blogs and researching blogs. I allowed myself to get so caught up in all the who, what, where and why’s of professional blogging. I am by no means a professional, and I am not very tech savvy; so most of what is said in all these courses and ebooks about blogging comes off way to confusing for my simple mind.  I just want to write, if I never write a book or an e-book, if i never earn a single dime for my writing or thoughts. I can now say that I am a writer and I have a blog! My very own blog.  This is an exciting adventure and not sure what may tumble out but I am thrilled to be on this path.